Packing Mehtod

How we prepare products for shipment

We understand minimizing shipping costs is vital to maintain a competitive edge. We also understand that the safe delivery of your goods is paramount. All goods are securely packaged while ensuring that products are correctly positioned to avoid empty voids. Some processes add to the overall shipping weight of an order including:

  • Placing fragile items such as screens and flex cable in small cartons
  • Placing separate cartons within a large carton to reduce pressure on goods
  • Securing sensitive goods with protective wrapping

Proper packing materials

We have sourced and developed packing materials which are specific to mobile phone parts. You will not find newspapers or shoe boxes in our shipments.

Multiple protection

Goods can incur serious vibration and force during transit. To counter this we use multiple layers of protection, placing small boxes with inner cartons which are placed in a main carton. This keeps our product safe against nearly whatever the shipping process can throw at it.